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Ready for your next tattoo?  You're in the right spot!   You see it, you want it, you got it!   As an ink artist, I'm asked quite a lot if you can have my art tattooed. First of all - I am so completely humbled and delighted that you would like to keep my art with you for the rest of forever!  Yes!  But there is a bit of serious stuff that we have to get past first.  As a professional artist, my art is both my livelihood and intellectual property, to support my work I ask that you purchase a tattoo pass before getting my work tattooed. 


What will I receive?

If you would like a digital copy of your chosen design image, please add the image description to the order notes. I will send you a digital copy which also includes a permission statement you can take to your tattoo artist. 


Can you create custom tattoos?

You bet!   I love helping people come up with the perfect, custom designs!  I am happy to offer commissions for custom tattoos.   Send me an email with your idea (including as much detail as possible for design, size, and position) so I can give you a quote. 



Please remember my art is highly detailed, seek out a tattoo artist who specialises in fine detail to transfer your design to the best possible standard. They may need to make some changes to some elements of the design to make it work for you.  I'm good with that! 


Tag me!

I love seeing how these tattoos turn out and would be so very excited to celebrate your new ink with you.   Tag me on instagram!  @millions.of.dots 

Tattoo Pass!

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